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When it comes to the carpet repair and the installation of carpet, we are the experts.  With over 15 years of experience in carpet installation and the attention to details is what sets us apart from the rest.  We only use top quality carpet installation material and Kept up-to-date with the latest installation techniques.  We'll Install new carpet or re-install your old/used carpet. will be happy to install a just small room, hallway or a closet.

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Carpet Repairs

Why replace your carpet in your home or office when it can be repaired. Carpet can be repaired using a variety of professional methods, saving you hundreds even thousands of dollars. One of the most common carpet repair is carpet patching. Carpet patching is the process of cutting out the damaged area of carpet and replacing it with a good donor piece. The donor piece can come from leftover carpet from the original installation or from a closet.

A common carpet repair in Nashville, TN is stretching carpet. The process of stretching carpet is when the carpet is detached from the tack strips, stretched from one end of the room to the other, reattaching the carpet to the tack strips then the excess carpet is cut off.  This will remove waves, buckling and rippling making the carpet much tighter.  A power stretcher is always used when stretching carpet. This will produce a much tighter stretch than using a knee kicker. 

Carpet Stretching

Stretching carpet can extend its life, improve the appearance and remove tripping hazards.  Carpet stretching is required when the carpet has become loose or wrinkled. People will often describe carpets that have these problems as being wrinkled, having bumps, wavy, buckling, rippling, or loose.  This is often caused by carpeting not properly stretched when first installed.  Some lesser known causes of loose carpeting are temperature and humidity or improper carpet cleaning.  Carpet will react to the effects of heat (above 95°F) and cold (below 65°F) by expanding and contracting. Carpet Installed in a home with no HVAC system when it is cold can become hard to handle and can be difficult to stretch. After the carpet has warmed up it will expand and then become loose. This will lead to waves in the carpet. For this reason it is very important to have the home temperature set between 65 and 95 during and after the carpet installation. When a home goes from cool to hot on regular bases the carpet will become loose.  Improper carpet cleaning is a big problem in Nashville, TN.   When too much moisture is left in the carpet after cleaning, the carpet backing can become loose. If the carpet is saturated it will cause delamination (separation of the secondary backing from the primary backing).  Delamination is permanent and cannot be repaired. There additional risk of mold and mildew problems if water is left in carpet for as little as 24 hours.  Stretching is also used to refasten carpet that has pulled away from the wall or threshold.  If your carpet was pulled back or remove due to house leveling, foundation repair, construction or flooding, it can be reinstall. Pad replacement is also available.  Berber carpet can be stretched too. Stretching carpet can be a simple in a square room. But can become complicated in rooms with more than one door, future, coves, and custom built-in like desk, shelves, and or a bookcase. Stretching carpet in a hall may require the remaking of carpet seems going into other rooms with carpet. A power stretcher is used for all re-stretches and installations.  This will produce a much tighter stretch than using just a knee kicker.

Carpet Patching

Bi-Star Building Solutions is delighted to offer you our expert carpet repair service for all types of carpet damage. Repairing carpet and carpet stretching have made up a large part of our workload. Over time we have built up a lot of expertise in carpet repairs. All work is completed using the latest available equipment to ensure our customers get the best possible results.

Patching carpet requires skill, patience and proper tools to make it look as invisible as possible. A proper carpet patch requires assessment of the carpet pattern, direction of the fibers and source of the extra piece of carpet. To do a carpet patch I will need a spare piece of the same carpet. If there are no leftover pieces from the installation, we can take piece from a closet or from under a piece of furniture. Keep in mind that carpets does fade over years, so there might be a slight difference in color. If the patch in a more worn area of the carpet, you are more likely see the patch.  Here are some common problems that would require patching cigarette burns, iron burns, burnt carpet, holes, stains, bleach, red wine, worn, fraying, tears, rips, pet damage and Berber carpet repair are never a problem for me.

We use an induction heating system instead of the traditional hot iron. With this new technology your carpet patch looks better and is more durable. We NEVER use glue guns, pressure-sensitive tape (sticky tape) or double side tape for carpet patches or seams. P.S. tape and double side carpet tape is meant for temporary repairs and will NOT last. Glue guns are messy and if not done properly the patch will look badly and not last

Carpet Repair

Carpet stretching and carpet patching are only just two of the carpet repairs that can be performed. There are 1000’s of ways to damaged carpet. Pets, kids, contractors, carpet cleaners, water and remodeling can cause carpet damage.  Most of these can be repaired. If you have plans of remodeling and part of the project involves pulling bake, cutting, removing the carpet please call before this is done. Advice is free or a time can be setup to have this done. Just pulling up the can rip seams; snag berber giving it a run. Never just cut into carpet if you plan on putting it back together, use a row cuter to cut it to minimize damage to nap and loops. If you don’t have a row cuter make the cut with a slotted razor blade carpet knife with a new blade. Make the cut straight as possible by using a straight edge. Cutting the carpet the proper way can make a night and deferens when it is put back together. If you are replacing the old carpet in one area with new flooring leave extra carpet at the doorways 2 to 3 inches is good.  This will make for a cleaner and better looking carpet transitions to your newly installed flooring. The carpet padding can be replaced if there was clean water flooding or it is just worn out. It is very important that all the water is gone and the carpet and concert or subfloor is 100% dry. The carpet on the stairs will always wear out before the rest of carpet. The carpet on the stairs can just be replaced.


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